How Much Hair Dye Do I Need?

You’re not limited as to what hair dye you want. You can decide if you want to add just some highlights or go crazy and dye your whole head. But if you want to get the most out of your look, it’s important to start with a perfect hair color. In this article, we will focus on calculating the amount of dye you need to dye your hair.

- October

How Many Box of Hair Dye Do You Need For Short Hair?

In hair care, we usually consider short hair to be any kind of haircut that does not fall past the ears. A good example of this is a very short haircut, such as an A-line bob fringe, or a pixie cut.

If you are the type of person with a haircut like this, you’ll only need one color kit for dying your hair and might even find there’s some left over. Either way, that should be enough to completely dye all sections of your hair.

Fortunately, this means you can enjoy soft and silky hair for weeks to come. And unfortunately, you’ll have to toss what dye you have left over because it’s not a good idea to save the leftover dye for next time.

How Many Box of Hair Dye Do You Need For Medium Hair?

Are you growing your hair out? If so, medium length strands should go past your ears and down to your shoulder. Any haircut that falls within this range is considered medium length. What styles are considered medium-length? Medium-length hairstyles for women include:A-line bobBobs with a side partBob with bangsBob with layers around the face and on top of headHaircut that is similar to a bob cut but with long, full bangs that cover the forehead.

- October

For these kinds of styles the problem is that one package of paint will definitely not be enough for you, and two – maybe too much. Therefore, with medium hair length, you are simply forced to buy two boxes of paint, so that it will definitely be enough.

How Many Box of Hair Dye Do You Need For Long Hair?

How long is reasonably long hair? Long hair that reaches down to your shoulder blades is considered to be reasonably long. If you have long hair, two full-color kits should be enough to cover all the necessary areas on your head. But there are lots of women that have hair way longer than that. Some women have hair that hangs down to the middle of their back and others can even grow it all the way down to their waist! So, they may need even three boxes of dye, depending on their length.

When Is It Necessary To Have An Additional Kit?

1. If you are dyeing the roots. It’s important to know that it is never recommended for someone to dye their hair before dying their roots. If your hair is on the longer side, you’ll likely have to use at least one box of product. You could purchase a spare box and just store it in a place where you’ll remember so you don’t forget.

- October

You don’t need a full-color kit if you have hair that is the same color all over. If you have any gray, brown, or blonde hairs in the mix, however, then an additional kit is needed. A one-color box should suffice for covering your roots.

2. If you are an all-over-pigment person or a root-only pigment person. Some people love the idea of only dyeing their roots while others love to have their entire head dyed. Some women have lots of gray in the hair and don’t like to cover all of it with a toner box. Other women like the idea of covering more areas of their head by using a root kit.It’s up to you!

3. If you have a thick hair. You will need more dye compared to people with normal thickness hair.

4. If you have a very long hair. As I said earlier, in this case, you will need an additional box of paint to evenly dye your hair along the entire length. And maybe not even one, but two or three if your hair is below the waist.

- October

How Many Ounces Of Hair Dye Is Needed?

To know exactly how many ounces of hair dye is needed, you may use the following formula:

  • For short hair: 1-2 inches below the shoulder, you may only need 1oz of dye.
  • For hair that reaches 2-4 inches below the shoulder, it’s best to use 4oz of hair dye.
  • For hair that is 5-8 inches below the shoulder (waist length or longer), you may want to use 8oz of dye just to be on the safe side.

Since hair dyes vary in weight depending on the brand and formula, it’s always best to use a little more color than you think you need in order to account for pigment changes. For example, if your hair is dark brown and you want to dye it dark blue, that would be a color change of three levels. So, in order to account for the color shift, you would need triple the amount of dye that you would need if it was only a two level shift.

Final Thoughts

The general conclusion is that you should have enough paint to last you through the entire process. Well, really, you won’t run to the store in the middle of the painting process to get paint that you didn’t have enough of. Therefore, in any case, we advise you to calculate the necessary amount of paint very carefully before dyeing, especially if you have thick, gray or too long hair!