Photo Tips: The Proper Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Today we are going to talk to you about how to find the proper hair color for your skin tone at home. As a practicing hairdresser, in my work I often come across the fact that clients do not take into account their skin color when coloring their hair in another color or shade. I want to explain how to choose the right hair color and assess your skin color type based on current hair stylist recommendations.

Here’s what colorism expert Aubrey Loots, LifeSpa Artistic Director and global top artist for Wella Professionals, says about the importance of determining your skin color type for the right hair coloring choices.

Hair tends to frame your face, and if the hair color you choose doesn’t match your skin tone, it can make your skin appear dull, make you look sickly or older than your years. That’s why it’s incredibly important to consider your skin tone when coloring your hair.

What Are the Main Skin Tones?

We know that, like skin tone, hair color can be of the following three categories:

  • warm,
  • cool
  • or neutral.

Cold skin tones have pink, red and blue undertones, and warm skin tones have yellow, peach and golden undertones. If your skin tone is neutral, your skin tone is likely to match your actual skin tone is. So obviously, we first have to introduce the three skin tones, which are warm, cool, and of course neutral.

Let’s see all possible skin tone with blond hair.

Main Skin Types

Look At Your Eye Color

Alright, so one of the easiest and best ways to find out your skin tone is actually through your eye color. The undertone of your skin can really be changed by what you’re wearing or by whatever lighting you’re in, however, eye color stays pretty consistent.

eye color

The Warm Skin Tone

True brown eyes, honey-colored hazel, warm-colored green eyes – normally all of these fall under a warm skin tone.

Warm Skin Tone

The Cool-Toned Skin

Those who have blue eyes, grayish colored eyes, and very cool-toned green eyes, are more cool-toned skin.

cool-toned skin

The Proper Hair Color for You

Another thing to look at is the contrast of your skin to your hair. And typically we look at this in your natural hair color. But if you’ve colored your hair to something completely different from your natural color, you can also analyze the color you have on to determine whether or not it is correct for you.

Hair Color for You

White Paper Sheet Method

Find a good source of natural light or go outside. Place a piece of white paper in front of your face and cover one eye with it. Put a hand mirror in front of it and turn the hand mirror so you can see the contrast between your skin and the paper. If you have skin that resembles the color of melon (usually shown as red on TV or computer screens), this is a ‘warm’ skin tone. If you are more pale, this is a ‘cool’ skin tone.

The Power of Color

If you are pretty fair-skinned with naturally dark hair that gives you a high contrast. So typically by most standards, you would actually fall more in the cool tone. But now you’ve lightened your hair and got blonde. Blonde with fairly light skin is obviously less contrast which makes you warmer. If you have actually a neutral skin tone, you can definitely fluctuate so when your hair is darker, your skin appears to be cooler-toned.

Power of Color

Your Main Accessory

Your hair is the only accessory you never take off. You can wear a different outfit every day. But you will obviously wear your hair color for at least a couple of weeks until you change it. However, everyone can have any hair color they want. The one thing I always remind my clients of is to worry about whether your hair color, your skin color and your eye color match. Only then will the ensemble be complete!

Human skin color - Human hair color

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