Best Chelating Shampoo for Hard Water – Buyer’s Guide

Not only can hard water affect your hair, but it will alter your skin as well. There are plenty of problems that you are likely to face when you struggle with living in a hard water environment, from frizzy ends all the way to dry skin. The more mineral deposits in the water there are, the more the results are apparent. With the help of the clarifying shampoo, you should only get rid of the gray look of your hair and the accumulation of deposits. But what do you think about the chelating shampoo for hard water?

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Who needs Chelating Shampoo?

Chelating shampoo de-mineralises the hair, removing all heavy impurities to leave your hair feeling healthy and clean. Not only does it remove buildup from pools, hard water and regular product residue but chelating shampoos also have a range of ingredients to help replenish moisture in the hair.

If your hairstyle has gone brassy and you want to tone it with chelating shampoo or conditioner, hair and skin care specialists (and I totally agree with them) particularly reccomend to exfoliate the hair first using the product. Chelating shampoos have ingredients that attach to the impurities, minerals, and toxins that are then rinsed away. You can’t see it, but when the hair can get lank, dull, and listless, you can sense its effectiveness.
Chelating shampoos have much cleaning power, unlike regular clarifying shampoos, which are the only thing that can remove the skin and hair from chlorine and mineral deposits or hard water. To stop drying out your hair, you can use a chelating shampoo no more than twice a month.

Buyer’s Guide

If you intend to buy your hair chelating shampoo, you need to check first for those additives and ingredients in the product, so that you can get what you need. The EDTA ingredients in the chelating shampoo must be included specifically. This ingredient latches onto any trace metal, which is why it’s important for these types of shampoos to work well. The higher the percentage of EDTA in the product, the stronger the removal of minerals and impurities. In addition, the fragrance of the shampoo must have a good odor but not an overpowering fragrance. The shampoo must be smooth and seasoned to make it easier to unwind and manage.
Then pick a chelating shampoo that will be safe, for color-treated hair if you have permed and dyed hair. Shampoo must be paraben-free and free of sulfates. There mustn’t be so many ingredients. Natural chelators, for example, phytic acid, must be there.


How can I chelate my hair naturally?

Wet/rinse the hair with warm water first. Then, add 2-3 drops of dishwasher soap. You have to rinse out the dishwater soap after that, then slice a lemon in half and squeeze both halves, leave for about a minute on your scalp. Rinse out the lemon.

How do you know if you need a chelating shampoo?

Unlike general clarifying shampoos, chelating shampools are among the most potent of all hair products. The touch chemical will remove even limescale, which is a mineral deposit that often ends up on scalps. You should by all means consider it when if you live in an area with hard water or swim on a regular basis.

Are chelating shampoos safe?

This shampoo is specially formulated to leave your hair feeling soft and manageable without stripping the colour. It’s perfect for all hair types, including chemically treated or dyed hair.

What are chelating agents in shampoo?

In small quantities, chelating agents are used to reacting with metal ions found in hair care products or in water in order to enhance the product’s stability or efficiency.

What Is the Best Chelating Shampoo for Hard Water?

1. Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo – Editor’s Choice

Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo, 9 Fl Oz
3,533 Reviews
Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo, 9 Fl Oz
  • Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo, 9 fl. oz.
This product takes a two-pronged approach to bring your hair into tip-top condition by simultaneously extracting the waterborne contaminants that harm and decolor your hair and depositing reinforcing proteins and vital moisture. There are also antioxidants in the soft, sulfate-free formulation to preserve hair from environmental damage, UV rays, and toxins.

Natural Formulation and Shine

The easiest way to go when trying to eliminate the accumulation of products on the scalp is to produce natural ingredients. This shampoo delivers a thorough washing of your head while supplying moisture that will leave your hair feeling smooth and manageable, with sine to the hair as well.

For all Hair Styles

This shampoo is intended for various hairstyles, including processed, dyed, or permed hair. It also provides more nutrients into the hair efficiently and stops it from capitulating to oxidative damage caused by the presence of bromine and chlorine in the water.


Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo (official website) is one of the best-known chelating shampoos you can use for hard water, especially if you want your hair to be shiny and smooth at the same time. This shampoo also leaves the hair easily manageable with a nice natural scent.

  • Leaves a clean feeling
  • Prevents discoloration
  • Leaves a nice scent
  • Carefully-crafted vegan cleansing complex
  • A bit pricey

2. Hairprint – Natural Plant-Based Chelating Shampoo – Amazon’s Choice

Hairprint - Natural Plant-Based Chelating Shampoo To Remove Buildup | Clean, Non-Toxic Haircare (8 fl oz | 240 ml)
157 Reviews
Hairprint - Natural Plant-Based Chelating Shampoo To Remove Buildup | Clean, Non-Toxic Haircare (8 fl oz | 240 ml)
  • A Simple + Effective Hair Wash Designed To Remove Buildup On The Hair Caused By Modern Hair Care Products + Hard Water
  • 80% Of US Municipal Water Is Hard Water + All Well Water Is Hard. Hard Water Causes Mineral Build Up On Your Hair Of Calcium, Iron...
  • Pure, 100% Plant-Based, Low Suds, No-Foam, Scent-Free Hair Wash Made From Leaves, Bark, Seeds, Roots, Oils, Petals, + Fruits...
This product takes all the filler away and returns to natural roots in order to have healthier hair and scalp products. The mixture of botanical ingredients helps to get rid of the hair’s mineral build-up while exfoliating your scalp and curing it. It has a relaxing effect that can make your skin feel like you’ve just been handled properly by professionals.

100 Percent Natural Ingredients

To have the best outcomes, each bit of ingredient is often accurately calculated. This shampoo is totally plant-based. It includes a range of natural ingredients, to name a few; Aloe Vera leaf juice, coconut milk, saw palmetto fruit, olive leaves, green coffee beans, and willow bark.

Reduces Buildup with Natural Shine

Since it is a chelating shampoo, opposed to merely clarifying shampoo, it performs better in reducing buildup. It still maintains the natural oils in the hair, but even without the need to use a conditioner later, you will still appreciate its natural shine and volume.


Hairprint – Natural Plant-Based Chelating Shampoo is an all-natural chelating product perfect for hard water, this means that you can enjoy its rich feature to help your hair be smooth, shiny, and healthy using all botanical ingredients (more info about this Shampoo here).

  • Pure plant-based
  • One bottle can last for a long time
  • Improves scalp health
  • No-foam & scent-free
  • Poor design

3. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo – Perfect Anti Dullness Chelating Shampoo for Hard Water

Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo, Gentle Non-Irritating Clarifying Shampoo to Remove Hair Build-Up & Residue, 6 Fl Ounce
24,886 Reviews
Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo, Gentle Non-Irritating Clarifying Shampoo to Remove Hair Build-Up & Residue, 6 Fl Ounce
  • 6-fluid ounce bottle of Neutrogena anti-residue clarifying shampoo to help remove up to 90% of heavy, dulling residue caused by...
  • This non-irritating clarifying shampoo gently cleanses your hair and helps boost volume by instantly rinsing away build-up
  • Use our anti-residue shampoo only once a week to see your favorite daily shampoo work even better, and help stop bad hair days
This shampoo from Neutrogena (official website) has a fresh and light fragrance that isn’t overwhelming. Since it has nice and high-quality ingredients, it will allow you to get rid of the residue very easily. It has some of the most essential ingredients in the chelating shampoo, such as citric acid, castor oil hydrogenated by PEG, and even sodium chloride.

Anti Build-Up and Non-Irritating Formula

By quickly rinsing away build-up, this non-irritating clarifying shampoo softly purifies the hair and helps increase thickness. You can use this anti residue can just be used once a week to see your favorite everyday shampoo work much better and help avoid bad hair days.

Anti Dullness Chelating Shampoo

If you see blandness and dullness in your hair, this may be because of grooming materials, conditioners, and other shampoos. Using the Neutrogena chelating shampoo gets rid of this problem as it has its way to handle your hair effectively with visible improvements.


If you want to make your hair come to life because it has been devastated by hard water, this chelating shampoo is the best option for you because it has unique properties to combat the dullness and frizziness of the hair.

  • Light scent
  • Good cleansing effect
  • Improves hair volume
  • Once-a-week treatment
  • This may cause your hair to be dry

4. TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Swimmers Shampoo – Excellent Chlorine Fighting Chelating Shampoo

TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Swimmers Shampoo Moisturizing Repairing Hair
3,134 Reviews
TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Swimmers Shampoo Moisturizing Repairing Hair
  • TRISWIM works to neutralize and remove Chlorine, Bromine, Salt Water, Hard Water Minerals, and other chemical odors from your hair...
  • Benefits: TRISWIM’s Shampoo hydrates and moisturizers swimmers and active individuals’ hair with Aloe Vera, Vitamin A and Pro...
  • For All Swimmers: Daily swim workouts, exercising in the water or lounging around by the pool or at the beach? TRISWIM, the...
The TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Line formulation works to neutralize and eliminate the scent of chlorine, bromine, salt water, and chemical odors from the skin and hair. TRISWIM is also formulated with sequestering components that allow the chemical to contain, strike, and flush down the drain.

Moisturizing Formulation

TRISWIM ‘S Chlorine Removal Shampoo uses Aloe Vera, a common botanical shampoo that is used for its hydrating, relaxing, and calming properties. This also includes Vitamin A & Pro-Vitamin B5, which is an essential factor for both hydrating and increasing the capacity for volume.

Safe to Use Everyday

This shampoo is safe to use every day and can eliminate all the harsh chemicals and elements present in pool water. It is also safe to use on dyed and color-treated hair and removes the copper-induced “greenish tint.” It repairs, moisturizes, nourishes, and helps to restore solid, healthy hair.


For swimmers and the people who can just resist the pool waters, this TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Swimmers Shampoo (official website) is the perfect choice for you. It enhances the hair and moisturizes it as it fights water contaminants especially chlorine, so you don’t have to worry about your hair while enjoying your carefree swimming.

  • Organic
  • With vitamins infused
  • Light formulation
  • Relieves symptoms of dandruff and itchy, dry scalps
  • Might leave green streaks after use

5. OUAI Detox Shampoo – Ideal Exfoliating Chelating Shampoo for Hard Water

OUAI Detox Shampoo. Clarifying Cleanse for Dirt, Oil, Product and Hard Water Buildup. Get Back to Super Clean, Soft and Refreshed Locks. (10 oz)
2,271 Reviews
OUAI Detox Shampoo. Clarifying Cleanse for Dirt, Oil, Product and Hard Water Buildup. Get Back to Super Clean, Soft and Refreshed Locks. (10 oz)
  • OUAI DETOX SHAMPOO. Move over juice cleanse, it’s time for a hair cleanse. Get rid of product and hard water buildup, dirt and...
  • YOUR HAIR’S HOLY GRAIL. This concentrated shampoo with apple cider vinegar gets you back on good terms with overworked tresses....
  • OUAI (or “way”) means yes in that casual, Parisian way. We believe in effortless routines and good for you ingredients....
With this 1-2x a week clarifying procedure, get rid of the substance and hard water deposition, soil, and grease to your hair. It is a concentrated shampoo that puts you back on great terms of overworked tresses with apple cider vinegar. This shampoo is not only mild enough to preserve the balance of natural oil but also gets rid of contaminants and other stains on the scalp.

Exfoliates Dirt from Scalp

An accumulation of minerals results in an unattractive flat and thick scalp. This shampoo acts to extract the odor and therefore provides volume for the hair. This shampoo will do as it will offer you a deep cleanse that will last for a week if you are not into washing your hair a lot.

Leaves the Hair Smooth and Manageable

This is the way to go if you are looking for a chelating shampoo that will leave your hair feeling smooth and manageable. It will not only get control of the hair’s mineral deposits, but it will also hydrate the skin, removing any dryness.


OUAI Detox Shampoo (official website), as the name suggests, is a pro in exfoliating dirt and other contaminants in the hair caused by hard water. Overall, this product is the best choice if you are often exposed to the dirt of hard water.

  • Lather well
  • Add shine to the hair
  • Makes hair soft and shiny
  • Luxury product at affordable price
  • Can dry out the hair

6. Joico K-Pak Professional Chelating Shampoo – Great Detoxifying Chelating Shampoo for Hard Water

Joico K-Pak Professional Chelating Shampoo, 33.8 Fl Oz
2 Reviews
Joico K-Pak Professional Chelating Shampoo, 33.8 Fl Oz
  • Salon Professional Hair Shampoo at discount prices
  • 100% Genuine
Joico K-PAK Shampoo offers a rich cleaning formula for hair restoration. It is also a reconstruction shampoo that regenerates amino acids and fills with aloe and antioxidant Vitamin E in weakened areas of the cuticle while hydrating and preserving it. Therefore, the hair can become smoother and more resilient to environmental harm.

Detoxifying Shampoo

This intensely detoxifying shampoo clears the way for smooth, bouncy, healthy-looking hair by softly and efficiently eliminating the dulling buildup and impurities. This shampoo is also the definition of a little goes a long way, which means you can save a great amount of money.

Extracts Impurities

To extract chemical odor, excess grease, and impurities that can dull the luster of your hair, this clarifier delves deeply from the top of the hair to the hair roots. It is very easy to apply as well, just put it in wet hair and keep on for 2-5 minutes, then rinse.


Joico K-Pak Professional Chelating Shampoo (official website) is just one of the shampoo lines of Joico K-Pak that delivers the best detoxifying chelating shampoo to their customers. In respect, this shampoo might be a decent choice in picking chelating shampoo for hard waters.

  • Long-lasting effect
  • No harmful chemical added
  • Keeps the scalp clean
  • Gentle, yet effective treatment
  • Often not available in the market

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