Best Conditioner for Oily Hair – Buyer’s Guide

As a salon specialist, I know that some of my clients have oily hair and they wash their hair every morning to restore that fresh feeling. But by the end of the day, it still becomes hard and greasy. Not only does it look messy, but all the excess oil will move from the scalp down and cause breakouts on the face and back. To address this, I always recommend paying attention to the products you use to care for your oily scalp. With the right approach, it will help you deal with excess fat. Today we will consider how to choose the right conditioner for oily hair and present the best of them on the market.

Conditioner for Oily Hair

Who needs a Conditioner for Oily Hair?

It is normal for the scalp to produce natural oils. The scalp does this naturally to restore moisture loss and maintain its balance and protection, as well as naturally helping the condition of our hair. But for some people, the scalp can produce too much oil. It implies faster hair greasing (within one to two days after washing), caused the formation of a larger and greasy film covering the hair.

Hair itself is not ‘oily’ and cannot produce oils—the scalp produces oils that then saturate the roots of the hair and when in excess can cause buildup on the hair closest to the scalp area (the first 1 to 3 inches on average). Saturated roots result in hair that can feel heavy, flat, weighed down, and look separated, stringy, or (the dreaded) ‘greasy.’

Amy Stollmeyer, DesignMe co-founder and lead hairstylist.

The conditioner for oil hair has to be weightless for any rejuvenating or moisturizing product and is expected to be used by anyone of such a hair type. Not just that the specification has to be so that a heavy conditioner would not further weigh your hair down. Nevertheless, a good conditioner for oily hairs must have moisturizing properties to fight off oily hair.

How To Choose The Best Conditioner for Oily Hair: Buyer’s Guide

It’s undoubtable that there exists a wide range of hair care items on the market that appear to handle the problems of having oily hair. First, I reccomend grasp these products’ composition. For individuals with oily hair and scalp, formulations made from more natural ingredients may be extremely helpful. Look for the ingredients that function to clean the scalp and roots of your hair without scraping or harming the hair strand should also be familiar to you.
All the ingredients that will explain the texture of your hair while cleaning oil and chemical residue are peppermint, rosemary, and tea tree oil. You can ask yourself other questions about the substance you want to buy until you know what additives you want to stop, as well as which products you’re looking for. When finding the shampoo and conditioner of your dreams, the sustainability of the packaging, green production methods, and vegan or cruelty-free guidelines could all weigh in.
Choosing one of the best conditioners for oily hair and scalp is what it takes to say farewell to the greasy hair days you’ve been living with. I support the opinion of most рair and skin care specialists that using conditioner which meets your hair’s requirements is the first step in maintaining a healthy scalp and hair. If the scalp and hair are sticky and oily, look for a conditioner that fits the following criteria.
Know your Hair Type The majority of women are ignorant of their hair type. They have dry hair even though they use oily hair conditioners one day. As a result, all of their years of hair care and treatment have been for naught. So, before choosing the appropriate conditioner, everyone should be aware of their hair type. To figure out what kind of hair you have, you’ll need to speak with a professional.
Check the Label Since you’ll be applying a chemical solution to your crowning glory, it’s important to understand what you’re doing. Read the labels and learn about the components and ingredients of your conditioner. These ingredients, believe it or not, will make or break the beauty of your hair. So, pay attention to the ingredients of your conditioner.
Know your Brand Keep in mind that hair care is indeed beauty care. Never spend your money on low-cost shampoo; instead, go for a well-known brand. Choosing a brand to rely on is an important aspect of the buying process. Make use of the internet to compile a list of the best e-commerce pages that sell branded shampoo and conditioner.
Avoid Sulfates Choose sulfate-free conditioners if you truly think for your hair and want it to look safe and healthy, regardless of your hairstyle.
Sulfate is a common ingredient in shampoos and conditioners since it produces thick, smooth leather. Unfortunately, as they often suggest, there is no such thing as too much of something. Foaming agents like sulfate, according to health authorities, will damage your scalp.
Check the pH Balance pH balance is certainly one of the most significant things to remember. A label on greasy hair conditioners must state that it is pH balanced for skin and hair. Using an unbalanced conditioner can dry out your scalp and cause it to emit additional oil. The optimal pH range is 4.5 to 5.5, which corresponds to the pH of your hair and skin.

Tips for Use

Dry Shampoos and Conditioners For women with oily hair and skin, dry conditioner and shampoo and is a huge help. When you indulge in exercises, your scalp bears the bulk of the hard work. It’s best to use a dry shampoo instead of washing your hair every day in these conditions.
Moderate the Usage If your hair is coarse, heavy, or curly, you can only need a minimal amount of shampoo and conditioner. All of the hair’s natural oils are stored this way.
Conversely, if you find that using mild shampoos causes your hair to become brittle and rough, you might need to forego the conditioner entirely. Perhaps conditioners are only required to bring out the shine in your hair.
Consider Natural Products All-natural shampoos and conditioners are the most dependable choices when it comes to picking the right shampoo and conditioner. If you can’t get any of these things for any reason, you can still make your own. Make your own remedy of essential oils and other organic ingredients.
Natural ingredients are frequently cheaper and safer than synthetic products because they do not have any side effects. Furthermore, they are less costly than consumer goods.

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How to use conditioner for oily hair?

The best way to use the conditioner is to apply it right away. However, instead of using your conditioner all over, we consider using it at the ends only, totally avoiding the scalp, which will help prevent the hair from feeling flat and oily. And whatever you choose, don’t forget to properly clean your hair.

Why is my hair so oily?

It gives the scalp a warning to create more sebum every moment you wash your hair with shampoo or conditioner. Your scalp sends the point that it has to be in oil production hyperdrive if you’re washing your hair too much. This will lead to an oily accumulation on your scalp.

How to make my hair less oily?

The hope is that your scalp can get the cue to lower its oil output by tossing a lot of hydration and soft kisses at your hair along with allowing your natural oil to stay out without being washed away. Ultimately, instead of every day or every other day, you should wash your hair even less like every three or four days.

How often should you wash oily hair?

Generally speaking, dry type of hair should be shampooed or conditioned up to twice a week, whereas oily type of hair can require daily washing.

1. Garnier Hair Care Fructis Pure Clean Conditioner – Editor’s Choice

Garnier Hair Care Fructis Pure Clean Conditioner, 12 Fluid Ounce
1,266 Reviews
Garnier Hair Care Fructis Pure Clean Conditioner, 12 Fluid Ounce
  • Hair type: Normal
  • Paraben-free conditioner, gentle for everyday use.
  • Silicone free conditioner with Aloe Extract and Vitamin E.
Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Conditioner with Aloe Extract & Vitamin E is a paraben & a silicone-free formula that cleanses your hair with the quality your hair needs at each and every wash for healthy-looking hair. It has a unique blend of ingredients, made with Citrus Protein as well as Vitamins B3 and B6, and extracts from fruit and plants, offering smoother, healthier-looking hair.

Vegan, Stimulating Formulation

Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo and Aloe Extract Conditioner with Vitamin E have a vegan formulation without chemicals or by-products extracted from animals, promote scalp flow while removing chemical residue from hair products.

Oil Minimizing

This conditioner’s special formulation effectively minimizes the output of oil, so over time, the hair becomes less oily. It re-balances hyperactive glands carefully and reduces the distribution of sebum around the hair shaft while maintaining the normal consistency of the scalp and preventing oiliness.


When looking for the best oil minimizing conditioner, this Garnier Hair Care Fructis Pure Clean Conditioner is one of the top-notch choices that you should consider. Derived from all botanical formulations, this conditioner works in the scalp effectively to prevent oil production.

  • All botanical formulation
  • Gives the hair a fresh feel
  • Silicone and paraben-free
  • With Aloe Extract and Vitamin E
  • Not really a thick conditioner

Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo & Conditioner REVIEW

2. Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture Conditioner – Amazon’s Choice

Nexxus Hydralight Weightless Moisture, 13.5 Ounce, Set of Shampoo and Conditioner
261 Reviews
Nexxus Hydralight Weightless Moisture, 13.5 Ounce, Set of Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Silicone-free formula, with an advanced blend of deep sea minerals, antioxidants and nutrients, and a hydrating polymer, gives...
The Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture Conditioner is formulated to help moisturize your hair and retain a complete look that flows freely. This conditioner is part of an innovative method of hair care treatment for your hair. Deep-sea rocks, vitamins, and nutrients are also infused, enabling the hair to provide additional moisturizing powers.

Reinforcing Conditioner

Infused with a combination of deep-sea minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and a high amount of coconut oil, this silicone-free conditioner help condition and reinforce your beautiful locks. This moisturizing conditioner will support your hair to hydrate while allowing it to remain lightweight.

Allows Natural Hair Bouncy

This conditioner is built to rejuvenate your hair while helping to preserve its roundness and body without adding additional weight, while pumping it with organic buoyancy that is not weighed down, it also moisturizes the scalp, smoothing the hair from root to tip.


Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture Conditioner is the best moisturizing conditioner that you can find in the market, not only that but it also makes your hair lightweight without weighing it down. Overall, it moisturizes your hair while maintaining its natural bouncy.

  • Salon-quality
  • Lessen hair oiliness
  • Deep Sea Minerals and Concentrated Elastin Protein
  • Advanced conditioning technology

Nexxus Hydra-Light Review

3. Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Conditioner – Best Natural Formulation

Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Conditioner - 8 Fl Ounce - Soft & Silky - Soothes Scalp - Strengthens Hair - Nourishing & Revitalized - Vitamin B5 - Shea
345 Reviews
Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Conditioner - 8 Fl Ounce - Soft & Silky - Soothes Scalp - Strengthens Hair - Nourishing & Revitalized - Vitamin B5 - Shea
  • FAST PENETRATING ACTION - Jojoba oil gets through the scalp and hair shaft to nourish and revitalize them. Cleansing regimen for...
  • EASY TO APPLY - Just put a small amount on your palm and massage evenly into your hair. Rinse with warm water after two minutes.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Hair clarifying conditioner is 100% vegan and free of wheat, gluten, parabens, phthalates, artificial...
Haircare items from Desert Essence offer you the strength of the formula of nature to maintain your hair looking its best with every shower. It uses lemon peel concentrate and organic Australian tea tree oil to help get the hair back to its normally preferred pH, while organic aloe helps nourish and soothe. This natural shampoo and conditioner are ideal for delicate, coarse, long, or short hair that needs the utmost treatment.

Made with Organic Ingredients

This clarifying conditioner made with pro-vitamin B5, organic lemon peel extracts, and organic Australian tea tree oil is one of the best products of Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Conditioner. It is great for your hair and oil-prone scalp, leaving your hair smooth, bouncy, and manageable.

Lightweight and Fragrant Moisturizer

This cleansing conditioner, blended with an exhilarating lemon fragrance, nourishes hair with lightweight non-greasy moisturizers such as jojoba oil and citrus tea tree oil. Crafted without artificial colors, fragrances, or sulfates, it is certified organic, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.


Moisturize your hair and fight off the sebum and oiliness of your hair with this all-natural and 100 percent organic made conditioner, Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Conditioner. The combination of its formulation is one of the best natural remedies to prevent hair oiliness.

  • Gentle to the skin
  • Fights of sebum and oil
  • All-natural product
  • Certified vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free
  • Relatively expensive than other products


4. TRUSS Equilibrium Conditioner For Oily Scalp – Great Cleansing Oil Solution

Truss Equilibrium Conditioner For Oily Scalp
574 Reviews
Truss Equilibrium Conditioner For Oily Scalp
  • Oil Reducing Conditioner; This Oil Balancing Formula Helps To Eliminate Excess Oil From The Hair And Scalp And Hydrates Dry Ends;...
  • Ultra Hydrating Conditioner; This Conditioner Targets The Hair And Deeply Moisturizes The Hair Shaft Restoring Softness Without...
  • Revitalize And Repair Split Ends; Amino Acids And Proteins Target Chemical Damage And Split Ends Helping To Repair Hair; Restores...
This lightweight deep moisture conditioner from Truss Professional Equilibrium helps regenerate and rebuild hair while eliminating and managing excess oil. Excessive development of oil can destroy style and make hair seem loose and greasy. This product would not weigh the hair down or add to the natural oils that are already unnecessary.

Oil Balancing Solution

This oil balancing solution seeks to lessen the hair and scalp from excessive oil and moisturizes dry ends subsequently. Removing oil tends to enhance hair and decreases the presence and vibrance of oil along the hairline. It also revitalizes & fixes the hair’s broken ends, making it seem smoother.

Revitalizes and Repair Split Ends

Infused with amino acids and proteins targeting chemical degradation and split ends, this conditioner helps fix hair and heal damaged and torn cuticles. It also protects the hair from the sun’s UV rays, giving shimmer and volume to the hair.


If you are looking for a product that will clean your hair with balanced oil absorption properties, this TRUSS Equilibrium Conditioner For Oily Scalp is made specifically for the oily and greasy scalp. It revitalizes and hydrates the hair while protecting it from UV rays and natural pollutants.

  • Resistant to environment driven pollutants
  • Hydrates the hair
  • Add shines and hair protection
  • Helps to eliminate excess oil from the hair and scalp
  • Delayed effect

Best Truss Conditioner | Top 9 Truss Conditioner for 2020-21 | Top Rated Truss Conditioner

5. Sukin Organics Oil Balancing Conditioner for Oily Hair – Perfect Nourishing

Sukin Oil Balancing Conditioner, 16.9 Fl Oz
104 Reviews
Sukin Oil Balancing Conditioner, 16.9 Fl Oz
  • Sukin Oil Balancing Conditioner, 16.9 Fl Oz
To guarantee that your hairs are left glossy and most importantly, safe from any damage, Sukin uses the most advanced haircare treatment for their customers It is free from strict sulfates and harsh chemicals that can strip the scalp and irritate the skin, Sukin also provides hair care ultimate treatment for regular, dry, weakened and fine or limp hair.

Rich in Vitamins and Nutrients

This natural hair conditioner is excellent for both skin types and conditions, it contains aloe gel, high in vitamins C & E, nutrients, proteins, and enzymes perfect for oily hair and scalp. It also promotes antioxidant effects to preserve and help return moisture to your scalp.

Natural, Rejuvenated Hair

To better balance oily hair and dry ends, this natural conditioner facilitates mild hydration from Jojoba Oil, naturally. It is also crafted with Burdock, Nettle, and Horsetail extract to encourage natural sheen and rejuvenated hair, making it smooth and weightless.


Sukin Organics Oil Balancing Conditioner for Oily Hair might have the best nourishing formulation with its multiple vitamin extracts and essential oils blended to the natural conditioner to fight oily scalp and reverse frizzy and dry ends.

  • No synthetic fragrances
  • All-natural and botanical ingredients
  • Greywater safe
  • Naturally helps balance oily hair and dry ends
  • Might make the hair poofy

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6. Leonor Greyl Paris Tonique Végétal Leave-in Treatment Spray for Oily Scalp – Super Leave-In Treatment

Leonor Greyl Paris Tonique Végétal Leave-in Treatment Spray for Oily Scalp, 5 fl oz
16 Reviews
Leonor Greyl Paris Tonique Végétal Leave-in Treatment Spray for Oily Scalp, 5 fl oz
  • Enriched with sage and amino acids, this leave-in treatment spray for the scalp transforms oily, lifeless hair
  • A lightweight spray formulated to absorb oil at the roots, fortify the scalp, and give your hair body and shine
  • Spray evenly on a wet and clean scalp after shampooing. Massage scalp slightly. Style as usual. Do not rinse
Leonor Greyl Paris Tonique Végétal is a luxury leave-in care spray enhanced by sage with its detoxifying properties and amino acids that stimulate the conditions of the oily scalp. To decrease the presence and output of excess sebum, the versatile mist is designed to trap oil at the roots, enabling hairstyles to last longer.

Herb Extract, Effective Conditioner

This authentic herb extract, crafted with sage for its antiperspirant effects, mineral-replenishing horsetail plant, plant-derived trace elements, and amino acids, succeeds in enhancing oily scalp problems by reducing the presence and development of excess sebum while giving vitality and body to the oily hair.

Oil Absorbing Leave-in Hair Conditioner

This leave-in hair treatment delivers structure and shines while removing sticky scalp issues and enhancing the appearance and feel of the hair. It absorbs oil at the roots, even providing a fresh feeling, shine, and body to your hair.


Among other conditioners in the market, try this leave-in hair treatment from Leonor Greyl Paris Tonique Végéta derived from botanical extracts and natural formulation that will hydrate and rejuvenate your hair preventing dry and oily hair and scalp.

  • Reduce dandruff
  • Lessen scalp itchiness
  • Prevents scalp dryness
  • Free from SLS/SLES, silicone, parabens, and coal-tar
  • Expensive

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