Photo&Video Tips: Hairstyles for Diamond Face

As a practicing hairdresser, I often notice that people don’t pay attention to the shape of their face when choosing a hairstyle. However, there are certain correlations between how the geometric shape of your face relates to the shape of your haircut.

So, let’s start with what human face shapes are known. There are about ten basic types of face shapes:

  • oval,
  • lower triangle,
  • diamond,
  • circle,
  • upper triangle,
  • rectangle,
  • square,
  • heart and
  • oblong.

Face Shapes

How do You Recognise a Diamond Face?

The hallmarks of a diamond face are a small, sharp chin, wide cheekbones and a hairline that peaks in the middle with a narrow brow,

Amy Abramit, Creative Director of Maxine Salon in Chicago.

She suggests taking celebrities such as Megan Fox, Halle Berry and Anna Kendrick as models.

What are the Best Hairstyles for Women with Diamond Face?

A simple updo is perfect for highlighting your face with some sparkle and volume. All variations of bob, including deep side-swept bobs and long lobs is also an ideal choice. On the long hair you may try High, Volumized Ponytails and the variety of the lobs, such as the Low Layered Bob and the Messy, Curly Lob.

diamond face diamond face
diamond face diamond face
diamond face diamond face

Video Review: Top 10 Jaw-Dropping Hairstyles for Diamond Face Women

Best Hairstyles for Men with Diamond Face

Hair stylists reccomend the following  hairstyles for men with diamond face:

  • Short haircut
  • Combed back hair
  • A bun with a beard
  • Classic side
  • Quiff with the disappearance
  • Pompadour
  • Artificial hawk with a beard.
diamond face diamond face
diamond face diamond face
diamond face diamond face

Video Review: Hottest Diamond Face Hairstyles For Men

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