Photo&Video Tips: Hairstyles for Rectangle and Square Face

As you remember, the shapes of human faces differ. There are several types of face shapes
which are mentioned in our recent article Photo&Video Tips: Hairstyles for Diamond Face.

Types Of Face Shapes

Face Shapes

What is Square Face Shape?

A square face is one of the most common faces in the world. It is a shape where a person has equal length on both sides of their jawline and forehead. It looks similar to a rectangle but is not completely one shape.

What are Best Hairstyles for Women with Round Face?

A celebrity hairstylist Giovanni Vaccaro, the artistic director for hair at Glamsquad, notes

The goal should be to take attention completely away from the jawline and put it on the length of the hair.

There are many different styles which work on square shaped faces. Wavy, Dramatic Side Parts, Textured Layers, Long Curvs on the long haier. Middle-Lenght or Shoulder-Lengh, Textured, Volumizing or Bangs – it all will work fine. If you have short hair, try Textured Pixie or a Pageboy.

Square and Rectangle Faces Square and Rectangle Faces
Square and Rectangle Faces Square and Rectangle Faces


What is Rectangle Face Shape?

A rectangle face is a shape where a person has equal length on all four sides of their jawline and forehead. Rectangular face shapes feature a square jaw and a face that’s longer than it is wide.

Best Hairstyles for Women With Rectangle Face

The number one rule is you don’t want anything super harsh that accents the length of your face. Fringes are great at shortening face length, but you need to get the cut just right. Soft curls and waves in longer hair will lift your features, while upping the volume of your hair at the sides will give the illusion of a shorter face shape.

John Stedman tells us, founder of salon Cutting Company who boasts over 35 years experience in the field.

Square and Rectangle Faces Square and Rectangle Faces
Square and Rectangle Faces Messy Side Bangs Bun Square and Rectangle Faces
Shoulder-length layers Square and Rectangle Faces Bangs and long layered hair Square and Rectangle Faces

Video Review: Best Hairstyles for the Rectangle Face Shape

Best Hairstyles for Men With Rectangle or Square Face

Medium length haircuts on top and sides will be your best choice. A classic side part works well for guys with a square face, as long as you keep the length on the sides. A fringe will add width to your face, so consider that too. If you want to grow a beard, keep it short.

Square Faces Square Faces Blow Wave Heaven Blow Wave Heaven
Comb Over Comb Over Top Knot Top Knot Side Swept Side Swept
Smart Brush Over Smart Brush Over Fountains of Curls Fountains of Curls Super Short Style in Ice White Super Short Style

Video Review: ONE Haircut for Any Face Shape – TheSalonGuy

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