How to Use a Hair Fork

Finding easy-to-do daily hairstyles that still appear decent may be a real problem. Who wants to have their hair down all the time? A ponytail is lovely, but after weeks of wearing it every day, it might be time to try something new.
Fortunately, there is such a thing as a hair fork! It allows you to effortlessly create a variety of hairstyles, some of which can be done in seconds! It takes me less than a minute to do my favorite bun! Trust my experience as a stylist, I will teach you how to use a hair fork and you will do it like a pro! But let’s start with the basics first!

Hair Fork

What Is a Hair Fork?

Have you never seen a hair fork? You’d be surprised, it literally looks like a fork. And, amazingly, this fork does exactly what it says on the package!

Stylists use this little sturdy piece to fix hair and create hairstyles. Let’s take a look at its specifications.

Most hair forks are 8 inches (20 cm) or less in length. While most of us are used to using lots of hairpins and pins to create one hairstyle, hair forks are a different matter. They’re everything you need to create a hairstyle you can wear to the opera once you understand how to use them (great hair fork ideas on

A hair fork should definitely be part of your “hair tool kit,” especially if you have long hair or are trying to grow it out. Hair forks are not only one of the most delicate ways to style your hair, but they also make it easier to create hairstyles that protect your hair from damage.

Length matters!

Most hairdressers agree, that when it comes to successfully using a French a pin (which is also known as a hair fork), length matters more than hair type.

Make sure your hair is just past shoulder length or longer. You’ll need a decent amount of hair to twist and hold when styling… Hair textures that are super fine or thinning most likely won’t benefit from this accessory, because it requires enough hair to secure and hold the pin in place,

Laura Polko, an Aquage brand ambassador and celebrity hairstylist.

How to Use Hair Fork: Ultimate Hairstyle Guide

1. 4 Prong Hair Fork

The hairstyles to use 4 prong hair forks are for those with longer hair, at least shoulder bone length. Although it can be a little more complicated, they’re still quite simple to learn. Those with long hair should use big forks, such as four-prong forks. Try a hair fork with wide prongs if your hair is really thick.
Alawys weave a hair fork into your hair the very same manner you weave a hair stick or a hair fork into your hair: press backward on the bun, switch to font, and then wiggle it up to the center of the bun, then switch to wiggle it down by your scalp.
The Twist Bun is the most simple hairstyle! If you’re looking for a little extra oomph, the Braided Twist Bun is the way to go. You may also try the Twin Twist Bun or experiment with other bun types on your own (40 Quick and Easy Short Hair Buns to Try on
4 Prong Hair Fork
4 Prong Hair Fork
4 Prong Hair Fork
4 Prong Hair Fork

2. Antler Fork

The Antler fork has a very original look and is best suited for fine hair and medium to short hair due to its slim design. You can curl and secure your hair thanks to its curved bend and hooked tip.
Step 1 From the behind, knot your hair down the center of your head, holding it firm.
Step 2 Raise the plait from the base to the top of your head. If at all possible, tuck the end in.
Step 3 If you have long hair, you may need to fold the plait first and then pin it to the top, then secure the plait’s top with the hair stick.
Step 4 Weave your hair and firmly secure it through many layers of hair.
Antler Fork
Antler Fork
Antler Fork
Antler Fork

3. Moon Hair Fork

Crescent Moon hair forks are usually made of wenge wood. The faceted patterns on this hair moon make it seem more mesmerizing than a regular hair moon. It will hold your bundle much better than regular sticks if you know how to properly wear it in your hair. It will also look beautiful and original on your hair.
Usually, I insert the hair moon in a variety of ways. Just start weaving from the edge of your bun/hairstyle and work your way through it. Start at the edge of your hairstyle/bunch, grab the hair on your head with one end of the moon in the opposite direction, flip it over and weave it into your hairstyle. This will increase the tension and hold.

Video: How to Use a Moon Hairfork

4. French Hair Fork

Long and thick hair is best suited to the French hair forks. Because of its long and curved design, it can wrap and support a large amount of hair in a single sweep. First, gather your hair into a ponytail in the place where you want your bun to be. Once you’ve got your hair in the right place, start twisting it into a rope and winding it in a circular motion to create a bun at the same time.
Once your bun is formed, press the French hair fork into it in the other way, then reverse the orientation of the pin once you see the gold edge peek through and press it into your bun to secure it.

Video: 4 EASY Ways to use a French Pin

5. Thick Hair Fork

The thick hair fork is intended to keep long, heavy hair in place and in style. Updo styles benefit from its two massive teeth, which provide more strength and stability. The best hairstyle to incorporate thick hair fork with is the Lazy Bun.
Step 1 Begin by arranging your hair as though you’re about to put it in a ponytail. The bun will be held in whichever hand you are holding. This bun may be styled as a chignon or as a high bun. Fold the hair around the front of your non-dominant hand (don’t twist it!).
Step 2 Take the remaining tail and coil it under your palm, around the “ponytail” section of the bun, after you’ve wrapped the hair around your hand. Slide the thick hair fork through the huge loop you created with the hair coiled around your palm by moving it along your fingers.
Step 3 Finish by inserting the hair fork.

Video: Milady’s bun – Less than 1 minute bun with hair forks or sticks

6. Wooden Hair Fork

Wooden hair forks are always simple to come by, and depending on your hair — usually medium-length and thin, but any longish hair length would work with this hair fork — they’re a nice bun-supporting strength and length. Wooden hair forks work best with Braided Bun.
Step 1 Make a high bun with your hair and twist it till it forms a coil around itself.
Step 2 Hold your bun tight or as loose as you choose with the final strand of hair.
Step 3 To fix the bun, take your hairpin and thread it through many layers of hair until it reaches the top of your head’s skin.
Step 4 To keep your bun in place, slide your wooden hair stick through it.

How to use a wooden hair fork – its EASY

How to Use Hair Fork with Ponytail

There are two styles to use your hair fork in a ponytail style. First, you can do the Hair Knot.
Step 1 Hair should be gathered near the crown. Twist the full length of your hair and bring it over and around, securing your hair in a knot.
Step 2 Allow the section of the knot that is coming out to hang freely. One or two hair sticks can be used to secure the knot.
Step 3 Allow the ends to dangle loosely like a ponytail or braid them.

Video: How to make a Top Knot | Hair Tutorial No. 1 Hairpin | Fiona Franchimon

Alternatively, you can do the classic Chinese Bun.
Step 1 At the crown, gather your hair into a ponytail. Use a hair tie of your choosing to keep it in place.
Step 2 Place a hair stick behind the hair tie, through the collected hair.
Step 3 Divide your hair into two equal sections.
Step 4 Wrap each piece around the hair tie and tuck it under the hair stick. Tuck the ends in or use hair clips/pins to keep them in place.

Video: 6 easy and amazing juda hairstyle with bun stick || chignon bun || chinese bun || cute hairstyles

How to Use Thick Hair Fork in a French Roll

Usually, I create the hairstyle by following the same steps as the conventional bun, but without pulling all of your hair back. I like to use face-framing elements to soften and glamorize the look.
Two thick hair forks are used in this look. To begin, create two pulled-apart braids on either side of your head. After that, duplicate the half-bun look. Then braid the remaining hair, twist it into a bun, and secure it with your second thick hair fork! For extra texture, pull out face-framing pieces and squeeze and tug hair around the crown!
Alternatively, if you only have 1 thick hair fork, you can follow these steps.
Step 1 Make a french braid on one side of your head to begin.
Step 2 Twist the braid to the opposite side of your head.
Step 3 Make a normal plait with the remaining hair all the way down to the very bottom and secure it.
Step 4 On the other side, take the loose plait and twist it into a low bun.
Step 5 Take the hairpin and thread it through many layers of hair to bind the bun on your head.

Video: How to do an easy French Twist in your own Hair! EASY TRICK!

How to Use a Hair Fork Asian

Using hair forks, Asian style to hold your hair up in a traditional style that ladies have admired for centuries. In fact, hair sticks have been unearthed in the remains of many ancient cultures.
Step 1 Before moving on, make sure you’ve gotten rid of all the knots. If you have curly hair, untangle any significant knots with a pick and smooth it down before continuing. Before you begin, make sure you remove any hair accessories or bobby pins.
Step 2 In your hand, hold the hair fork, sharp end down. Place the hair forks underneath your hair (or the portion of hair you wish to tie up), slanting them as you do so.
Step 3 Wrap your hair a couple of times around the hair forks. Do this until you don’t have any more hair to wrap around. The number of times you wind your hair will be determined by the length of your hair.
Step 4 Pull the tops of the hair forks down, then insert the narrow end into the rear of the wrap you just formed and secure the bun.

Traditional Japanese Hairpin Use 日本传统发簪

How to Use a Hair Fork on Short Hair

A moon hair fork or a wooden hair fork can be used to construct a plaited bun with short hairstyles. This works particularly well with curly hair, but it can also work with other types of hair; as previously said, it is especially good for short hair.
Step 1 From behind, plait your hair down the center.
Step 2 To construct a bun, you can either ‘fold’ or ‘twist’ the plait into itself.
Step 3 Choose between a tight or a loose grip, then thread the hairpin through the bun like a needle.
Step 4 To make it feel comfortable and secure, make sure it’s gone through numerous layers of hair.

Video: Short Hair – Chopsticks

A hair fork is an essential tool for any hairstyling. It’s great for making loops, securing braids, tying ponytails, and even removing knots. Learning how to properly utilize a hair fork will make it much easier for you to complete all of these hairdos. In other words, hair forks will work for you regardless of the length or texture of your hair. Simply select your hair type from the selection above to see some of the famous ways to style it (read more about hair types on!

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