Best Wave Grease – Buyer’s Guide

Recently, I’ve came across a post by Shellei Reneé, a curly hair reviewer the naturalcurly. She reminded me of an old truth about very curly hair styling grease being back in fashion. So, let’s talk why hair grease is important and what are the best items on the market.

This article is for modern men who want to have control over their hairstyles. Find out what grease styling formulas are considered best and choose the one for you.

Best Wave Grease

Why using hair grease is important?

Dry hair is one of the main causes of hair breakage. It not only makes the hair weaker but it is also harder to style. 

Shellei says.

Too dry hair looks, and in fact, is weak and not very healthy. Lack of moisture also makes it difficult to style them. Hair grease will make the hair more manageable and give a shine that’s difficult to achieve with other products.
Oil in your hair might help those dry strands by adding moisture and strength. All you have to do is apply this product correctly. In addition, you can hardly find a cheaper but equally effective product for styling men’s hair. The price for hair grease starts at a couple of dollars per jar, but causes a cosmic effect!

What Is the Best Wave Grease: Buyer’s Guide

Wave grease is a soft gel-like or waxy hair product that, as a rule, provides all kinds of fixation and radiance depending on its composition and your hair type. In the world of grooming, “pomade” has become synonymous with “hair styling products”. If you see this inscription on jars and tubes, then, you can be sure of the promised fixation (weak or strong), as well as the shine or matte texture of the hair.

The Composition of Wave Pomade can be oil-based or water-based.

• Water-based wave-grease products are lighter and easier to rinse.
• Oil-based pomades can be safely called “heavy artillery” – they keep their shape for a long time and cope even with the naughtiest hair! True, there is one caveat: due to the fact that you need to apply such pomades pretty quickly until they have cooled, they are not suitable for complex hairstyles.

Also, wave pomades are usually distinguished by the degree of hardness:

• Strong – for advanced users
• Middle ones are suitable for everyone
• Soft – easy to use and suitable for use even by beginners

Benefits You Will Enjoy Using Wave Pomade for Hair

Hair stylists admit the increasing popularity of this styling product (And I totally agree with them!) due to the following effects:

• Helps to create perfect styling
• Gives hair a delicate and natural shine
• It is used for long-term fixation
• It gives volume, while not weighing down the hair
• Natural ingredients in the composition make hair more manageable

How to apply pomade?

Dry your hair with a towel and leave it slightly damp Whatever the manufacturers of wave grease hair products would advise you, a pomade is best applied to wet hair. It is more effective when interacting with water, which distinguishes this product from others, like wax or fiber. If you have already tried to apply them to slightly dried hair, then you will understand the difference. After you wash and dry your hair slightly, you can start applying pomade.
Put a small amount of grease on your hands There is no exact answer to the question “how much pomade should be applied?” It all depends on which product you have chosen and how much hair you have on your head. Therefore, first of all, focus on your hair length: if you are the owner of voluminous hair, then for styling with a comb, you will have enough quantities with a little fingernail.
Warm the product by rubbing the hair grease with your hands It should be evenly distributed at your fingertips. Now, you are ready to apply the product. If there is a lack of pomade, do the same algorithm with a large amount (so you will definitely find the ideal proportions).
Start applying it to the hair roots It is at the roots that you control the direction of your hair. Therefore, it is important to rub the styling product at your fingertips, and not on the surface of the entire palm, so that you can get to the base of your hair and actually rub the pomade. A little later you will apply the product to the entire surface of the hair.
Apply wave grease over the entire length of the hair Depending on the length of the hair and the desired styling, you will need to apply pomade over the entire surface of the head. Also, heat a larger amount of the product as needed and gradually apply it to the curls. Remember that it is more convenient to distribute the pomade not with your fingertips, but with the whole palm. Moreover, if you need to change the direction of the back of the hair, then you will have to take more funds, and applying it with your fingers will not be so convenient. Do not forget about the temples: they also need pomade styling. After all, they are not the last part of your hairstyle (if not one of the first).
Comb your hair Now, it is time to evenly distribute the wave grease over the entire surface of the hair. Most will still be on the roots, so you need to comb all your curls. Only now there is a guarantee that your styling will be fixed and it will shine. After combing, you can highlight several separate strands and accents. The most important thing in working with a comb is the process of evenly distributing the styling product so that the grease does not lie in pieces on your hair.
Final step: drying or blow-drying Finally, it remains for you to decide whether you want to further fix the styling with a hairdryer. Drying increases the longevity of your hairstyle. You can also give styling additional volume.

1. WaveBuilder Natural Wave Pomade – Healthy Waves for Curly Hair

WaveBuilder Natural Wave Pomade | Healthy Hair & Scalp Formula Promotes Hair Waves, 3 Oz
415 Reviews
WaveBuilder Natural Wave Pomade | Healthy Hair & Scalp Formula Promotes Hair Waves, 3 Oz
  • Healthy hair & scalp formula promotes natural looking hair waves
  • Specifically made for those with curly to extremely curly hair
  • The more you train your hair the more waves you get
It’s a great product for curly and super curly hair. The formula is of high quality. It helps men to create natural-looking waves within minutes. The producer is a well-known Wavebuilder known for its top-quality goods for hair styling. A good choice for your money!


It has a good quality safe formula for natural waves. The product is easy to apply. You just need to take a small amount of the pomade/grease and apply it to your hair using massage movements. It’s allowed to use a bit of water. Affordable price is one of the pros.
  • Safe
  • Stronghold
  • Easy to apply
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Not found

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2. Suavecito Duo Bundle – Holds Your Hairstyle Strong

Suavecito Duo Bundle. Original Firme (4 oz) and Matte Pomade (4 oz) Variations. Strong Hold Styling Hair Pomades for Men.,2 Pack
454 Reviews
Suavecito Duo Bundle. Original Firme (4 oz) and Matte Pomade (4 oz) Variations. Strong Hold Styling Hair Pomades for Men.,2 Pack
This Suavecito pomade is just perfect for styling. Whether you want to have a slick back or pompadours, choose this one and you won’t regret it. It’s a good choice for those who like changing hairstyles and need a product that will help to live out all fantasies and hold a haircut.


The pomade has a high-quality composition, which is safe for both skin and hair structure. Its strong texture allows managing hair the way you like. This styling product can be used for a wide range of hairstyles. You can remove it within seconds with the help of water. No special hair products are needed for this. Use your shampoo. Your hair will look neat after you wash your hair. You can use a comb without difficulties.
  • Multifunctional (various hairstyles)
  • Safe composition
  • Easy to remove
  • Some men find the price of this grease a bit expensive

Suavecito 10th Anniversary Super Firme Hold Pomade Reveal

3. Smooth Viking Pomade – The Guaranteed Sleek Look

Pomade for Men - Hair Pomade with Medium Hold & High Shine (2 Ounces) - Water Based Pomade for Men for Straight, Thick and Curly Hair
8,507 Reviews
Pomade for Men - Hair Pomade with Medium Hold & High Shine (2 Ounces) - Water Based Pomade for Men for Straight, Thick and Curly Hair
  • WATER BASED POMADE WITH MEDIUM HOLD & HIGH SHINE FINISH: A water based pomade for men that gives any hair type the fine boost it...
  • MADE WITH THE BEST PERFORMING INGREDIENTS: Made with high quality elements precisely crafted to give you the best possible...
  • ADD TEXTURE TO YOUR MODERN HAIRSTYLE: Style your hair like a pro with our styling pomade for men. If you are getting ready for a...
Haircare pomade/grease made by Smooth Viking is a high-quality product that is able to make any type of hair stylish throughout the day. The styling product can give your hair natural volume throughout the day. Whether you have straight or curly hair, use this rich daily moisturizer and have a guaranteed sleek look.


Its price is affordable taking into account that a small amount is needed to create the desired look. It has a formula, which contains water. The product is applied easily. You can use it for dry and wet hair. It keepы your hair shining. The perfect hairstyle is guaranteed thanks to the superior-quality composition that consists of the best ingredients.
  • Top-quality water-based formula
  • Natural effect
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove
  • Gives stunning shine
  • Not found

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4. Nature Blessings Hair Pomade – Skin Healing + Perfect Hairstyle

3 Pack Combo Nature's Blessings Hair Pomade
858 Reviews
3 Pack Combo Nature's Blessings Hair Pomade
  • Hair Restorer
Mystic Essence Nature’s Blessings Hair Pomade is made of fresh natural ingredients, including oils like Bergamont, Rosemary, etc. Purchasing this styling product, you’re going to get three jars of the pomade. Your hairstyle will look neat and fresh throughout the day. It’s a great choice if you want to use an organic product and buy it at an affordable price. There are three jars of small sizes, which are convenient to take with you when traveling.


The package looks nice making an accent on the organic components that make the pomade safe and for hair and skin. It’s a good deal for your money. It has two actions in one: having a positive healing effect on your scalp and making it possible to create a nice hairstyle. There are no unnatural ingredients. The hair gel has a nice flavor. But be careful – being made of natural ingredients may cause an allergic reaction if a man is allergic to one of the oils.
  • Natural composition
  • Extra strength thanks to healing effect
  • Fresh look
  • May cause an allergic reaction

Video Review: Nature’s Blessings Pomade Review (Revitalize your Hair/Scalp)

5. Firsthand Supply All-Purpose Pomade – More Slick and Polished Look

Firsthand Supply All-Purpose Hair Pomade - Clean & Non-toxic Hair Care Ingredients - Gives a Low Shine, Shape and Firm Hold To Your Hair - 3oz (88ml)
166 Reviews
Firsthand Supply All-Purpose Hair Pomade - Clean & Non-toxic Hair Care Ingredients - Gives a Low Shine, Shape and Firm Hold To Your Hair - 3oz (88ml)
  • ALL PURPOSE POMADE. Our All-Purpose Hair Pomade is just that, all-purpose. Use a small amount to contorl flyaways or stack more on...
  • NON-TOXIC HAIR STYLING FOR ALL HAIR TYPES. Our team formulated this hairstyler for all hair types. Filled with only the most...
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS = EFFECTIVE PRODUCTS. Clean ingredients only and always. Contains Aloe-Vera Juice, Beeswax, Shea Butter,...
The package of the Firsthand Supply All-Purpose Pomade looks very stylish in black. It’s a good product for men who like slick hairstyles. A neat and polished look is what you’re going to enjoy if using this all-purpose pomade. It’s a good choice for men who like using safe and good quality products that help to create a firm hairstyle easily.


It’s a multi-functional product that is made on the basis of water. It is easy to apply. You need a small amount of pomade to create a polished look. This rich daily moisturizer keeps your hair stronghold and shine. It suits both curly and straight hair types. It has a nice smell thanks to the natural ingredients that can be found in its composition. But somebody may not like the scent of the oil blend or have an allergic reaction to lavender, bergamot, juniper berry, and other natural ingredients.
  • For many types of hairstyles
  • Superior hold
  • Great shining effect
  • Rather expensive

Video Review: Firsthand Supply All-Purpose Pomade

6. WaveBuilder Cocoa & Shea Pomade – Super Smooth & Rich Formula

WaveBuilder Cocoa & Shea Pomade | Super Smooth & Rich Formula Promotes Healthy Hair Waves, 3 Oz
2,461 Reviews
WaveBuilder Cocoa & Shea Pomade | Super Smooth & Rich Formula Promotes Healthy Hair Waves, 3 Oz
  • Maximum wave defining formula for healthy hair and scalp
  • Incorporates the newest and best wave building ingredients
  • The more you train your hair the more waves you get
WaveBuilder Cocoa and Shea oil-based Pomade will get the waves rolling! If your hair is thin and has subtle peaks, use this 360 wave control pomade to strengthen them. Do it regularly, and your wave picture will be great! To multiply effect use specialized shampoo and conditioner by WaveBuilder.
WaveBuilder manufactures have their own labs and facilities in the US. To make your hair care process easier, they even produce really good durags and wave caps made of breathable material and, be sure, this cap will stay tight all night.


Filled with Cocoa butter & Shea butter, this 360 wave control pomade deeply humidifies, enriches, and feeds your dry hair & scalp. Also, it does a good job of conditioning the hair and easily rinses out of your hair.
You don’t always want to use thick heavy pomade. WaveBuilder Cocoa and Shea one is on the lighter side. But this styling product is still thick enough to hold your waves for the majority of the day. It holds well and smells good too!

How To Use

Take a dime-sized amount of oil-based Pomade and then rub evenly between your hands to minimize thick build-up, apply to the hair, and brush thoroughly. You can add a small amount of water before using it to make it easier to apply.
  • Helps to enhance the subtle peaks
  • Deeply moisturize, replenish and nourish dry hair & scalp
  • Leaves waves looking shiny and healthy.
  • Better for a hair texture that’s a bit finer
  • Contains petroleum.

360 Waves~Wavebuilder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter Video Review


Wave grease can be applied to slightly damp or completely dried hair, it all depends on the desired result. This tool can be attributed to the series of hair cosmetics, which can make you a stylish man with disheveled hair, or an aristocrat with neatly laid hair. By choosing the best quality hair care styling products made by well-known brands, you can look perfect every day. It will take you several minutes to create a great hairstyle that will emphasize your unique image.

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